New House!

We have had an extremely busy time of moving and trying to get unpacked and settled in our new location. Just moving, itself, is a lot of work, but add on top of that the fact that we’ve also been sick (colds, malaria, amebas . . . you name it!) AND I had my computer die in the middle of all that . . . so it has been a very challenging couple of weeks.

But . . . it was also Thanksgiving Day just a couple days ago. So instead of focusing on all the negative things, I just wanted to take a few moments to post some pictures and share with you one thing I am especially thankful for this year . . . our NEW house!

Here it is . . . !


The house that we are currently renting is actually a duplex . . . we staying in the left side of the house and currently do not have any neighbors since the right side apartment is still under construction.


We have a nice little sitting room and dinning area when you first enter the house. And no, it is not always this clean (not even most often) . . . since this is the main room in our house this is the room that has the most activity and needs the most “picking up” throughout the day.

Here’s a more accurate picture of the room . . .


The kids like to be in the center of all the activity, so our main room is typically filled with toys, games, fun, and laughter!


Our kitchen (featured above) is just a little make-shift kitchen we created in a corner of the main room. Most houses here in Cameroon are not built with indoor kitchens, so we make-do with the space we have and set up a little kitchenette wherever we can find the space for it.

The kids’ room . . .


A simple mattress on the floor for the kids, a diaper changing table, and a rocking chair. Those are the main features of their bedroom. It’s a pretty small room, and not a lot of floor space, so when Keturah wants to play with her friends in there we just stand the mattress up against the wall so they have room on the floor to play; either that or they just play on the mattress — either way works!

Here’s “Mommy and Daddy’s” room . . .


And our “little cutie” on the bed . . .


You can’t see it in the picture, but we do actually have a bookshelf for our clothes and other personal items . . . and there is also a bathroom joined to this room . . .


It is a tiny bathroom, which actually made it hard to take the picture. The bathroom is so small that the door does not open all the way (it runs into the sink). And the edge of the toilet is only about 10 inches from the wall (if even that much). It’s tiny, but it works. And it actually has running water! Yay!

That’s about the extend of our house . . . but the tour wouldn’t be complete without showing you the view from our front porch . . .


What a joy to wake up each morning and look outside and see mountains!



One of Keturah’s favorite things to do at our new house is to go out and play in the dirt. She can spend HOURS out there just scooping up dirt and filling her plates and dishes. She pretends that she is cooking, and her favorite thing to make is “soup” . . .




She also just recently got her very first bicycle! Needless to say, she is quite thrilled!

My, doesn’t she look so grown up sitting on the bike!?!

2 thoughts on “New House!”

  1. Your home is beautiful, Kelsey. Such lovely touches. I really like your bedroom quilt. Bet the neighbors think you’re nuts for having carpet. Lol. Thanking God for running water! The view is gorgeous.


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