Building Our New House

In late December we purchased a piece of property for building a house. Ever since then we have been busy with leveling the property, laying the foundation, constructing the door and window frames, and building up the walls.

It has been pretty exciting, but also pretty challenging. You would not believe all the problems we have encountered so far in the process . . .

  • The property was not as “square” or semetrical as we had thought, so we had to redesign the house to fit in a narrower space.
  • The carpenter we hired got into a motorcycle accident and ended up in the hospital
  • The men laying the foundation didn’t know how to read blueprints and ended up having to redo much of it.
  • Bush fires burned up much of the wood that we had ordered for the rafters
  • The contractor building the house only showed up every other day and his workers didn’t really know what they were doing, so pretty much every other day we were having them correct mistakes or redo things.
  • There was some shifty business going on with our roofer, so we had to fire him and quickly find someone else.


Those have been the challenges but there have also been countless joys and blessings as well . . .

  • It has been a joy to see God’s provision of property in a choice location and wonderful neighborhood.
  • It has been exciting to plan out our home to our personalized preferences.
  • God has blessed us with some great friends who have been helping us with the building project.
  • Even in spite of the difficulties mentioned above, the construction is progressing rather quickly.
  • Our new home is only about 500 yards from where we used to live when we first moved to Cameroon (6 years ago), so it’s a very familiar area to us and we already have a lot of friends in the area.


Here is a picture of the property that we purchased back in December . . .


There was already the beginnings of a structure on the property, but it did not align with what we had planned for our house so we had this structure torn down . . .


There was also a small house already included with the property. At first we had considered adding on to the already existing house, but in the end we agreed that it would be an advantage to have two separate buildings. This existing structure can be used as an office space and a place to do our various ministry and development projects, as well as guest housing for visitors. In having this smaller structure for work and ministry related stuff we could actually have our home be more of a personal space for our family, which is something we’ve never had before.


Here is the layout of the house we are building . . .


The most important part of any building project is its foundation. The foundation for this house was particularly difficult in that the property we bought is on the side of a hill and the property was not level by any means. So in laying the foundation we had to first build a wall and raise the property on one side and make the area level . . .


Here is a shot of the property after the ground was raised for the foundation . . .


Once the ground was level we could start laying the foundation . . .


There were a couple measurements off when they first began digging the foundation, so it took a little longer than expected, and required a lot of extra work. But since the foundation is the most important part we needed it done right and didn’t want to rush it.


Keturah really enjoys visiting the construction site and pretending to help with building our new house. In this picture she is holding a bag of side walk chalk . . .


While the “big people” were up measuring out the walls and figuring out the dimensions of each of the rooms . . .


. . . Keturah was down below practicing her shapes and drawing on the wall of the foundation . . .


Here we are, sitting in the space that will one day be Keturah’s room. She likes to tell us about how she’s going to have a bed, and toys, and all her dresses in her new room. Needless to say, she’s pretty excited.


Overseeing the placement of the doors as the walls start to go up . . .


Keturah standing in the doorway of “daddy and mommy’s room” . . .


The walls are all mud bricks, but when it’s done we’ll be putting a layer of cement on the inside walls . . .


Keturah standing in her bedroom . . .


Now the walls are all up and the door and window frames are all in place . . .


All of a sudden it’s looking like a real house! You can see the kids’ room pretty clearly defined now . . .


Here’s the view from standing by the exterior door in the family room . . .


As you can see below, we designed the home in such a way that the house is very “open” which will be great for airflow as well as making the rooms feel bigger than they are . . .


Tomorrow morning we will be starting on the roof. Rainy season is just around the corner so we’re anxious to get the roof on before it rains. Once the roof is on we can be a little more relaxed about finishing up the other details of the house, but the main thing right now is just to get the roof on before the rains return.


Here’s Keturah making friends with the neighbor kids. There are a lot of young kids in this neighborhood, which will be a lot of fun for our little “social bug”  🙂


Our current plan is to be moved into this new home by September — Lord willing!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

One thought on “Building Our New House”

  1. The first time I looked at this the pictures didn’t load right. So now as I come back to it, I am loving it. The pictures do a wonderful job of showing the work in progress. Great, great job.


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