“Jesus can still hear me . . .”

Keturah really enjoys watching the “Hermie and Friends” videos. Her favorite parts in these movies is where the caterpillars go and “talk to God”.



There have been several times in which I have found Keturah sitting outside on the step just quietly looking up at the sky. When I ask her if she’s okay she just smiles and says, “I’m fine. I’m just talking to God.”

Other times she would even pack a basket of “goodies” as if she were going to be gone a long time. Then she would head to the door and call back to me as she went, “Bye mommy! I need to go talk to God now!”

A couple weeks ago our family was sitting down for supper and paused a moment to pray. Usually the table prayer is a shorter prayer (since everyone is really hungry and anxious to eat), but on this particular day Keturah seemed to have realized in a deeper and more real way that God is the one who gives us EVERYTHING, so when we sat down to pray she told God thank you for the food, but she didn’t stop there. She went on (and on, and on, and on) thanking God for other things as well . . . so many things, in fact, that after a while we began to wonder if she would ever reach the end of her prayer. It was really neat, but we were also very hungry by the time she finished.

The other night, as I was putting Keturah to bed, I asked her if she wanted to pray. That’s when she made the comment, “Jesus is way up, up, up in the sky . . . but He can still hear me!”

Simple, child-like faith! She can’t see Him, but she knows He can hear her.

Well, today she made a new discovery about prayer that was really exciting to her . . .

Sammy had taken the kids out for a walk this morning. When they got back, Keturah was all excited and began talking so fast I could hardly catch what she was telling me.

“Mommy, I saw a butterfly! . . . Daddy didn’t see a butterfly . . . but then I saw a butterfly all by myself . . . then it went up, up, up in the air and I never see it again! . . .I talk to God and then I see a butterfly! . . . I saw over here, I saw over here . . . is yellow and purple and pink . . . and same colors . . . he have pink and purple . . . lots of colors”

Sammy came in while she was telling me about it, so he told me the story behind her excitement. Apparently, while they had been out walking, Keturah kept asking if she could see a butterfly. Sammy told her that he doesn’t have any control of the butterflies and didn’t know where any butterflies were, but he told her that if she really wanted to see a butterfly she should ask Jesus. So she prayed and asked God if she could see a butterfly.

While she was praying, Sammy turned to talk briefly to someone and that’s when it happened . . . Keturah spotted her butterfly!

How special!! Right after she had finished praying that’s when the butterfly appeared!

She was SOOO excited! And it was pretty exciting for the rest of us as well, to witness God’s answer to her prayer.

Butterfly on orange flower

(No, this is not the butterfly that she saw, but when we were looking at butterfly pictures online this one was Keturah’s favorite!)


All these stories that I share are really cute, but even more than that, it has been really precious to see how Keturah is learning to love God and learning to not just recite prayers but to actually think of God as a real being and to talk to Him the way she talks to any other person.

Her little butterfly story was an inspiration to me. I feel like this little answer to prayer was exactly what I was needing as well.

This last week has seemed especially difficult for us. We’ve been running on very little sleep and having days that seem even more busy than usual. It’s been a whirl-wind of activity, going from one thing to another, that I feel like I’ve gotten so caught up in being busy that I’ve forgotten how to stop and “smell the roses” (or in this case, look for the butterflies!)

But today is Friday . . . which in our home means that it is our day of Sabbath rest. Our one day a week when we can put work stuff aside and actually sit back and take a deep breath.

In some ways it feel more like a day where we can “crash” and give our heads a chance to stop spinning for a little while. A day to catch our breath, regain focus, and prepare our minds and bodies for another week-long sprint.

But today, as I have been thinking about what God really intended the Sabbath rest to look like, the one thing that keeps coming to my mind today is the realization that this is a day in which we can set aside the cares of the world and just take the time to “know that God is God!”

Keturah’s little butterfly story led me into a time of contemplation. A time of thinking back over the past week and about the different answers to prayer that God gave to me.

So many times in a day I offer up a prayer to God, but then I go on with life and don’t ever take the time to watch for the answer to come, or to appreciate God when He does answer my prayers. Sometimes I take God for granted and just expect Him to answer my prayers because “that’s what He does, right?”

Thankfulness. Gratitude. Excitement!

I think we miss out on a lot of excitement when we fall into the habit of just always asking God for things and not taking the time to marvel and rejoice when He answers our prayers!

I just think about the sheer joy and excitement on Keturah’s face over that one little butterfly and I just think how wonderful it would be to live with that joy and excitement each and every day!

Look what God has done!!

Even though Jesus is way up, up, up in the sky, He can still hear us . . . and He answers us when we call!



One thought on ““Jesus can still hear me . . .””

  1. Hello…Keturah is such a sweet little darling and kudos to you for putting that faith in her through all means.God bless.Just another mommy wishing to do so…god bless your family and your work.


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